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Hairmax: Products & Services

Hairmax is a company that deals in laser hair loss treatment devices and hair care products.  These devices and products make thinning and hair loss an option rather than an unavoidable reality.  The products and devices manufactured by this company are FDA cleared, home-use medical devices for treatment of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.  The utilize a technology known as  laser phototherapy to effectively promote hair growth.  At last, women and men can combat hair loss using this scientifically backed and clinically proven treatment in the privacy of their homes. Below are some of the products provided by this company:

  • Professional 12 LaserComb - This comb provides low level laser light energy which enlivens and stimulates hair follicles thus promoting new growth of hair.  When used consistently, most users start to notice changes in their hair after about 16 weeks.  The recommended treatment time is 8 minutes, three times in a week.  The package also contains 12 laser modules, built-in rechargeable battery. charging cradle, user manual and 100-240 volt worldwide power adapter.
  • Premium LaserComb - This comb also promotes new hair growth through its low level laser light energy.  One can notice some changes after about 16 weeks of consistent use.  The recommended treatment time is 11 minutes, three times a week.  The package also contains 9 laser modules, built-in rechargeable battery, charging cradle, user manual, universal power supply.
  • Advanced 7 LaserComb - This device also emits low-level laser light energy that helps to enliven and stimulate hair follicles.  This in turn promotes new hair growth.  Users can notice changes in the hair after using it for about 16 weeks consistently.  The recommended treatment time is 15 minutes, three times a week.   The package also contains 7 laser modules,  4 AA batteries for cordless operation, user manual, cradle/base and storage case.

The company also manufactures hair products that help to boost the effectiveness of the hairmax laser combs.  Some of the hair care products are explained below.

  • Shampoo & Scalp Treatments - These are scientifically formulated products that enhance, fortify, invigorate and revitalize the follicles and hair.  These products include HairMax Enhancing Shampoo, HairMax Invigorating Scalp Treatment, HairMax Revitalizing Conditioner and HairMax Scalp And Hair Fortifier.
  • HairMax Vitamins for Men & Women.  These vitamins promote thicker, shinier hair and also contribute to healthy looking skin and stronger nails.  They are specially formulated to work with HairMax Shampoo & Scalp Treatment and the HairMax Laser combs.
  • HairMax Hair Fibers -  These are natural keratin protein hair binding fibers.  They blend and statically cling to existing hair to hide the receding areas and provide dramatic volume, density and natural looking coverage.  They are available in 8 colors including gray, black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, sandy blond, auburn and light blonde.

  • Accessories - A full line of accessories is also available for the Hairmax laser combs.  These include power cords, comb teeth and a/c adapters. 
Hairmax: Company Background

Hairmax is owned by Lexington International LLC.   The company was founded in 2000 to develop and manufacture laser phothotherapy treatment equipment known as the HairMax LaserComb®.  This product mainly handles hereditary hair loss.  The founding director of the company is Henry Pearl who was a pioneer in use of laser technology in Sydney, Australia around 1986.

This product was developed and designed in Australia and is manufactured in the USA and Patented worldwide.   The company has become a leader in this technology by sponsoring 7 clinical studies involving 460 female and male subjects over the past 10 years. 

The offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida and the full address is 777 Yamato Rd. Suite 105 Boca Raton, Fl. 33431 USA.  The telephone number is 1.561.417.0200  and the fax number is 561.892.0747.  Its emails address is  The IP address of the company is and it was created on 1st June 2001 and expires on 1st June 2013.

Hairmax: Customer Feedback & Reviews

A lot of customers who have used Hairmax equipment and products have given feedback.  Most of the feedback was about the Hairmax Combs.  Below are some comments made by customers at Amazon.

  • It took about 6 months for the hairmax comb to work on me, so if yours doesn't seem to work for you in the first 2-3 months, or even 5,6 months, KEEP USING IT. THe result wasn't crazily good like the before/after pictures shown on their website, but it is certainly good enough to keep me a happy customer and I'll certainly keep using it!
  • So now, nearly three months later, I can see that it is working. I even showed my husband yesterday. Both of us can definitely see a lot of short (maybe 1 cm or so) length hairs sticking up out of my scalp in the area of treatment. Obviously this is really encouraging! I am going to continue to use it and hope for even more but I'm cautiously optimistic. It did take quite a while to work so you have to be patient.
  • After about a year of fairly consistent use, I noticed that my hair appeared fuller and thicker than from the previous year.At this point, I've been using the laser comb for over two years. I have never noticed any new growth, but my hair continues to look fuller and thicker than before--the comb has reinvigorated previously thin or dying hairs while maintaining the healthy ones. I have not experienced further hair-loss and continue to shed less.
  • I'm 30 years of age and tried many medications from herbal to rogane without any help and the side effects were troublesome. Anyway, once hairmax was approved by FDA, I gave it a try. It's been 4 months that I'm using it. For Thanks Giving I visited my sisters whom haven't seen me in one year. They were shocked by the change in the my hair. The good thing is hairmax doesn't irritate the scalp. It's not hair transplant for sure but for about 300-500$ it really worth it. The only concern that I have is long term use of hairmax and its side effects. Unfortunately there is no way to tell in long run what side effect hairmax has, but till then I'm happy with hairmax.

The customer feedback clearly shows that these devices do work for both men and women.  However, it appears that customers should be patient as the results are gradual.  No wonder in their money-back-guarantee, the company advises customers to use these products continuously for about 20 weeks before asking for a refund. 

Hairmax: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Hairmax has a high business credibility.  For instance, it is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where it has received an A+ rating on a scale of A to F.  BBB has not received any complaints about the products or services of this company.  The link to this information is

The Hairmax Laser Comb is the first and only home, medical device cleared by FDA for treatment of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.  The products are ISO Quality Assured and manufactured to GMP Standards.  These products are also backed by worldwide hair loss experts.  The company also offers a 2 year factory warranty on the combs as a guarantee of their quality. 

It has been proven that the HairMax LaserComb® is effective in treading hereditary hair loss.  This is why this product has received numerous positive reports on Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and other publications and TV stations around the world.  In 2000, Time Magazine named this product as the “Invention of the Year".

These products are also accredited by some reputable organizations such as American Hair Loss Council, Hair Foundation and Personal Care Products Council among others.

Hairmax: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Hairmax website is quite popular as Alexa has ranked it at number 385,042 out of the 30 million worldwide domains.  The website is relatively popular among US users.  It is ranked at number 160,361 in the US and it gets about 29.6% of its visitors from there.  The website is ranked number 104,985 in the UK and number 181,168 in India. 

It has about 365 sites linking in and its SEO score is around 24%.  However, Google has given this site a low Pagerank of 0 out of 10.  Out of the total global internet users, about 0.00043% visit this website in 1 month and about 0.00043% in 3 months.
The estimated monthly pages viewed is 95,936 and the monthly visitors are about 53,298.  The estimated  worth of this website is $38,850. 

Hairmax: Social Media Presence

The social media presence of Hairmax is quite good.  The company has a presence in most of the popular networking sites.  A look at its Facebook page shows that the company has 1007 likes.  Fans can find this information at  

The company is also quite active on Tweeter where it has about 485 Tweets, 723 Followers and a following of 2,000.  To become a follower on Tweeter click  It also has an RSS feed whose link is  Its You Tube page has lots of videos uploaded and numerous comments from customers.  The You Tube link is  The company does not operate a blog.

Hairmax: Website Security & Safety

Hairmax does not disclose the personal information of its customers to 3rd parties.  They use cookies to keep track of the contents of the shopping carts of customers once they have selected items.  They also use a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information to protect customers from credit card fraud. 

Google has listed this website as safe.  A Google diagnostic test carried out on the site showed that Google visited this website on 5th August, 2012 and tested 2 pages.  None of the pages tested contained malicious software.  The site has not also acted as an intermediary for infection of other sites.  This information can be found at

This site is certified as secure by and has been awarded a Web Server Certificate.  Transactions on the website are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.  It is also a verified Authorize.Net merchant.  Authorize.Net provides its customers with highest level of security when processing transactions.  This safeguards customer information and combats fraud. 


Hairmax: Pricing & Packages

Hairmax deals in a number of products and the prices of their top-level packages are shown below.

HairMax LaserComb Professional 12

  • USA/International Delivery - $545
  • European Delivery - $499
  • UK Delivery - $420

HairMax LaserComb Premium

  • USA/International Delivery - $495
  • European Delivery - $450
  • UK Delivery - €385

HairMax LaserComb Advanced 7

  • USA/International Delivery - $295
  • European Delivery - €320
  •  UK Delivery - £270

Hair Care Products

  • HairMax Hair Fibers (all colors) - $ 29.00
  • HairMax Hair Care & Vitamin Bundle - $ 35.00
  • HairMax Hair Care Bundle - $29.00
  • HairMax Enhancing Shampoo - $9.50
  • HairMax Revitalizing Conditioner - $9.50
  • HairMax Invigorating Scalp Treatment - $7.50
  • HairMax Scalp & Hair Fortifier -$8.50
  • HairMax Essential Hair Vitamins - $18.00
  • Healthy Hair Activance Scalp Activator - $15.00
The top-level packages of this company are the laser combs.  The prices of these devices are competitive and compare well with similar laser combs sold by other companies.  Below is a comparison of prices of similar products:
Nutreve Personal Hair Therapy Laser - $499.00
Erchonia THL-1 Hair Laser - $1,000.00
Hairmax: Shipping Rates & Policies

Hairmax tries to ship orders on time by processing them on the next business day after they are placed.  The order is usually shipped within 1 business day after the order entry.  Most local orders are shipped via UPS 3 day shipping service.  International orders are shipped either through USPS or UPS services. Delivery to most destinations takes around 3 to 5 days.

This company ships to over 165 countries worldwide.  Orders originating from Florida are charged a 6% sales tax.  Orders originating from all other US states are tax free.  Some overseas countries may charge duty for importation of goods and this is the responsibility of the customer.  A tracking number is usually sent to the email of the customer immediately after shipment.  The shipping rates are shown below.

  • UPS Ground (Ships From Florida, Delivery Time Varies) - $10
  • UPS Expedited (2 - 3 business days) - $13
  • UPS Overnight - UPS (1 business day) - $28
  • International Orders via UPS Ground - $19
Hairmax: Payment Methods Accepted

Hairmax accepts a number of payment methods.  Customers are able to choose the method that is most convenient for them.  They accept Paypal which is one of the safest online payment methods.  They also accept various credit cards through their https:// secure online checkout system.  Some of the cards accepted include Visa, Amex, Discover and MasterCard. 

Hairmax: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Hairmax guarantees customers that they will be 100% satisfied with the its combs.   They have a return/refund policy for those customers who may be dissatisfied for whatever reason.  The combs can be returned within 5 months (20 weeks).  The company charges a 20% restocking fee of the purchase price on all returned combs.  The customer is also required to cater for the return shipping costs.  The money back guarantee takes effect from date of delivery.  Only orders placed through Lexington International directly are eligible for the money back guarantee.  Hair care products are not are not eligible for a refund.

The customer is supposed to call customer support at 1 (561) 417 0200 and inform them that he wants to return the product. The customer representative gives you a unique Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) plus instructions on how to return the products.  No product should be returned without an RMA number.  The product should be shipped back with a tracking number and insurance to the address provided by the company.  Returns are only accepted if they are in as-good-as-new working condition. Once the product is received, the money is refunded either via check or through the credit card.  

The company also offers a 2 year warranty on its combs.  The warranty is against defects in workmanship or materials.  The warranty period can be extended under certain circumstances.

Hairmax: Product images & screenshots
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